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One of my favorite songs is "Stop Talking Over Here". "Love the CD, the collaboration, the cuts are unique like Jay-Z, it's a hot CD, the tracks move you, lots of versatility"
- D-KEY, Houston,TX.

There is one special song "I gotta alot of love" the females will love."
- Phylesia, Shreveport , LA

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These featured artists make something from nothing. Their inspiration is Sade. The beats "feel good, they have a great vibe, and the instrumentals provoke the soothing of pain. It touches a person emotionally. You're still making tight music and still have a smooth rough edge." Contact us today to find out more information about our new artists.

 2 Treal,D.O.T.,Poughlox,and Lewy Veton.
Artist's Biographies

Billy Aka "POUGHLOX" / Artist

From: Oklahoma City, OK
Style: Real Lyrics, Stress Free
Favorite Track: "What Am I Suppose To Do" Featuring Sade
Inspiration: All of E40, Lil Wayne, Tu pac
"To All The Fans, We Love Yall .. Keep On Pushin... Keep It Real"

Jerome Aka"LEWY VETON   Producer/Engineer/Artist

From: Oklahoma City, OK
Style: "A Reality V-Style"        
Favorite Track: "Streets Dont Sleep At Night", And "Another Day"      
Inspiration: 2 Pac, Lil Wayne, E-40, And Sade
"To All Our Fans
Keep Listening, Keep Pushing, & Believe In Your Dreams

Derrayl Aka "D.O.T." /Artist
From: Oak Cliff, TX
Style: "My Lyrics Are Doper than Cocaine".
Favorite Track:" F. U. Man"
Inspiration: My Favorite Artist is Lil Wayne
"I Love All My Fans, Keep Your Head Up, Get Your Money...I Am the Sputterariffic"

James Aka "2-Treal"  Producer/Artist/Beatmaker 

From: Grenada, Mississippi 
Style: 2-Real
Favorite Track: "Take Your Time" And "You Got, I Got" 
"To All Our Fans, Thanks For Listening, Be On The Lookout For Us In 09' 

Genre: Rap
Sounds Like: Cash Money/Mike Jones/Lil Wayne
Technical Grade: 7

Production/Musicianship Grade: 8

Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 9
Songwriting Skills: 9
Performance Skill: 9
Best Songs: Gone Off That White, Beat Your Block Down, Shake Joint, Pour Up The Drink, U Got, I Got, We Don't....With U Haters, Life Is A Bi*
Weakness: Technically inferior
CD Review: From Oklahoma via Texas comes YMP (Young Mississippi Pimpin) a rap group that is ready make their mark and a very strong statement in the hip-hop game. Their strong southern influence comes through in their style, production and delivery, but industry insiders will take note of their strong commercial appeal which shines like a beam of light in the dark.

Track after track they display a keen awareness of what's hot in the street, on the charts, and the radio airwaves. Whether it's chopped and screwed like the track that should be their first single, "Beat Your Block Down," or crunked "We Don't...With U Haters," something fresh with substance, "Another Day," or something motivational, "Life Is A Bi*", YMP knows the game and how to play it. Their most commercial song, "Gone Off That White," is sure to incite controversy and draw immediate comparison to "Snap Your Fingers" by Crunk Ambassador, Lil Jon, but their unique flavor comes through on every song.

Advice: This project shows major talent. It's only flaw is the most glaring one: the technical quality. Remix and/or re-master it at some point and make sure it can hold up (sonically) against similar type projects.

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Hits include: Streets Don't Sleep @ Nite, Shake Joint, aNOTHER dAY, & WE don't ...with U HATERS. And plenty more to come.


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